Sofistica Software Products

Sofistica creates powerful software for organizational and facilities operations and management, IoT, AI integration, open-architecture firmware, sensors and more.


Highly effective and easy-to-use project management and collaboration environment for all types of organizations.


An advanced and highly flexible platform for IoT, Smart City and facilities management, with optional integrated asset management.


A social media, collaboration and project management system for communities, organizations and professionals. Wetopia will bring humanity's best and brightest together in a safe and supportive environment to help solve some of humanity's most pressing challenges and will breath new life into communities, interest groups and organizations.


A powerful media content creation, management and distribution system to support news websites, blogs, journals, social media, intranets, alert apps and other digital media.


A universal, easy-to-use end-to-end Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution for facilities large and small.

Cyberian Sentry™

Proactive digital security system for securing devices across wireless and wired connections using a wide range of communication protocols.

Cyberian Chat™

Cyberian Chat is a topic specific Large Language Model (LLM) application utilizing high quality data curated by human experts to provide highly reliable knowledge resources for a wide range of scientific, engineering and professional fields. Is integrated with Wetopia.

Cyberian Artist™

Cyberian Artist is a media generating AI that will create visual and auditory media on demand to specification.


Sofistica Hardware & Other Products

Sofistica designs and builds a wide range of electronic sensors, control systems and drones. 


  • Geo-energetic sensors & monitoring systems
  • Facilities sensors & management systems
  • End-to-end IoT solutions
  • Anaerobic and aerobic bio-digesters
  • PolyBio System™ wastewater conversion
  • Algae reactors, aquaponics and hydroponics systems
  • StormDog™ smart weather/fire monitoring and alert
  • Smart agricultural/aquaculture sensors and controls
  • Hibernation Hotel™ insect hibernation aid
  • Wastewater conversion sensors and controls
  • Electrical grid monitoring and outage alert system
  • Innovative renewable energy systems